Saturday, September 20, 2008

At last the real problem is addressed about the jam of Dhaka city

Every time I traveled Dhaka city, every time I encountered traffic jam. I can hardly remember any day on which I have faced no jam at all. It's my daily routine to spent one or two hour everyday on the road due to traffic jam. This is one of the problems that were not properly addressed in Bangladesh. Some days ago, if anyone is asked that what is the problem behind? He might answer that the problem is the rickshaws. And now everyone knows that was a wrong answer, and that was a class bias answer too. There was a popular notion circulated by the popular media that all that causes behind the jam is the rickshaws. So, it the first step to get the roads rid of any rickshaw. What is the way?
In the last four of five years, many of the roads of Dhaka city has declared VIP road and closed for any rickshaw. And now in the main roads anyone can hardly see people are traveling by rickshaw. But these couldnot make the roads free form jam. Jam increased as well. Then after a long time the people asked them that if there is no Nondo Ghosh, then who is the responsible?
This morning, I was very happy to see a report published on Prothom Alo, the largest Bangla Daily, that the cause is another. Roads are not adequate. City was not properly planned. It is over populated. And the real cause on the road now is the private vehicles. Any one who is able to see can easily see that the roads are full of private cars, there is no rickshaws at all but everyone is still due to jam. And there are very few public buses to carry the public. And, the report says another 5000 and so cars are waiting to fill the roads of Dhaka. And everyday we see 50 cars as new comers in Dhaka.
Then, it is the question that, if we have no options to expand our roads, then what is to be done to make the city move a little?

The news published on Prothom-Alo

Friday, September 12, 2008

And now Bangladesh got a hacker...........

Last Friday I was caught by a post of somewhereinblog. That was about hacking the website of RAB (Rapid Action Battalion). RAB is a Bangladeshi elite security force. Being a well equipped force RAB enjoys advanced technologies and equipments. But, suddenly they faced an astonishment that their official site has hacked by some Shahi Mirza. This hacker occupied the first page of the website and hangs a interesting message that, he is 10 times stronger than RAB. RAB took this challenge seriously and caught Shahi Mirza within 24 hours since the site has hacked. Mirza is only 21, studying in a private university. And he did not even bother to hide his identity while hacking the RAB website. He said to the reporters that, he eventually came to know that along with the RAB site many government sites has low security arrangements that anyone can easily hack and take information if he/she wish. Shahi Mirza tried to convey this message to the government officials, but they did not pay attention to Mirza's. And then Mirza hacked the site. Lest is well known to Bangladesh now. Everyone is attentive to his story. And many supported Mirza, that he did not do anything harm to the website. He only tried to convey his message that the RAB site is in a vulnerable condition. Bangladesh experienced a little about web. And this is the first time we a hacker held in the custody. So, people took him as a hero. And he seems to be recognized as a genius. Since the discussion is going on the trial of hacking, we saw the law does not know how to deal with hacker and cracker. And this may send Mirza for years of jail and millions of fine would be charged. I went through the blog post recently. Many of the blogger argues that it is too much for a hacker. Some of them demanded Mirza free and advised that he should appoint as technical to ensure the security of RAB website.
So, the blogs of Bangladesh is celebrating the first hacking event.

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